CP-Series Blow Molded Plastic Cases


Blow molded plastic cases


  • Low-Cost Plastic Cases

  • High-density polyethylene construction

  • Dent-resistant durable textured exterior

  • Meets specifications as electrical insulator

  • Numerous possible interior configurations

Here’s the perfect blow-molded solution to your needs for attractive, low-cost custom cases.  You’ll be amazed by their affordability, considering all the standard features and possible interior configurations.

This good-looking plastic case style is manufactured from prime, high –density polyethylene with double-wall construction.  The textured exterior resists dents, cracking and scuffs.  It is unaffected by temperatures from –70° F to +180° F.  Each case meets U.S. 94B Specifications as an electrical insulator and is impervious to chemical attack.

The hardware features mechanical latches and mechanical hinge system made to last through thousands of openings and closings.  Choose from 14 sizes to meet your specific needs.  Black only.

CC 3 9/16 7.56 L x 5.88 W x 3.25 H
CH 3 1/8 9.06 L x 6.5 W x 2.81 H
CQ 3 7/8 11.38 L x 7 W x 3.375 H
CV 4 12.69 L x 8.94 W x 3.69 H
CV 5 1/8 12.69 L x 8.94 W x 4.75 H
CW 4 14 L x 10.75 W x 3.5 H
CW 6 1/4 14 L x 10.75 W x 5.75 H
CX 5 17 L x 13 W x 4.25 H
CX 8 17 L x 13 W x 7.25 H
CZ 4 1/2 24.5 L x 13 W x 3.875 H
CZ 8 24.5 L x 13 W x 6.875 H
CP12 10.5 L x 7.5 W x 1.75 H
CP14 12.5 L x 9 W x 3.25 H
CP14-XD 12.5 L x 9 W x 4.25 H
CP17 15.5 L x 11.19 W x 3.5 H
CP17-XD 15.5 L x 11.19 W x 5.5 H
CP20 18.5 L x 13.75 W x 4.5 H
CP20-XD 18.5 L x 13.75 W x 7.375 H
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Are you transporting other Trade Show gear essentials? Plasmas? Laptops?

Plasma Monitor Transport Case

Specifically designed to protect and transport most 42" & 50" plasma screens. Rotationally molded plastic container is virtually indestructible with computer configured foam interiors to cushion primary impact points. This lockable secure case comes complete with Heavy-duty removable (slide-out) swivel casters, comfort grip handles for easy transport with a minimum of effort.

Universal Multiple Laptop & Projector Carrying Case - ULAP-3218

Specifically designed for shipping laptops and notebook computers from Companies to Trade Shows or Corporate Events. The new ULAP-3218 is a universal design that accommodates 98% of the existing laptop sizes. In addition of holding five laptops, a clever modular accessory compartment can be used to store a projector plus all the necessary power supplies and cables. This shipping case retains all of the Case Matrix design advantages: Lifetime Guarantee, quick setup, worry-free shipping and handling and superior product protection.


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